DIOMETAL PRO s.r.o. (Ltd)  is a Czech fast-growing company founded in 2014 focusing on precise, productive CNC machining and other custom-made.

The goal of our company is to provide individual production of small and medium sized components in the highest quality. Therefore we regularly renew and maintain our machinery and use tools from the world´s leading producers.

Planned development of our company

In the year 2018 we are planning to buy metalworking machine tools and another CNC machines, strengthening of welding and another necessary tools.

Machinery equipment

Vertical Machining Center DUGARD 760XP

Basic machine parameters:

Year of manufacture: 2016 Spindle
Control system: FANUC Oi-MF Rotation: 12 000 rpm
Table Motor power: 7,5/11 kW
Table size: 910 x 400 mm
Table load: 800 kg   Tool storage for 28 stations
Feed Tool to tool change time: 2,2 s
X axis traverse: 760 mm Weight: 4400kg
Y axis traverse: 435 mm
Z axis traverse: 520 mm
Spindle nose to table: 75 - 595 mm
Cutting feed X, Y, Z 12 m/min
Rapid feed X, Y: 44 m/min
Rapid feed Z: 36 m/min
Positioning: 0,01 mm
Repeatability: +/- 0,003 mm

CNC Vertical Machining Centre Dugard 1000Y Plus

Basic machine parameters:

Table size: 1 200 x 600 mm Accuracy adjustment: +/- 0,004 mm
Max table load: 600 kg Repeatability: +/- 0,003 mm
X asis traverse:  1 020 mm
Y asis traverse:  610 mm
Z asis traverse: 510 mm

CNC Turning Centre SMEC SL2500BSY

Basic machine parameters:

Max. swing diameter over bed: 650mm Main spindle chuck / Sub spindle chuck: 250 / 200mm
Max. swing diameter over cross slide: 540mm X axis travel: 235mm
Max turned diameter: 360mm Z axis travel: 580mm
Max turning length: 520mm Y axis travel: 100 (+/-50)mm
Hole through main spindle / hole through sub spindle: 86 / 61mm B axis travel: 545mm
Hole through draw tube (main spindle) / hole through draw tube (sub spindle): 77 / 52mm Rapid traverse speed on X / Z / Y /B axis: 18 / 24 / 12 / 24 m/min.


Basic machine parameters:

Year of manufacture: 2016
Control system: FANUC Oi-TF
C axis
Power tools
Max. swing diameter over bed: 550 mm Max. turning diameter: 280 mm
Max. swing diameter over cross slide: 360 mm Main bar capacity: 65 mm
Max. turning length: 500 mm Machine weight: 4450 kg

Electric Tapping Machine TIGER VH PE (vertical/horizontal)

Basic machine parameters:

90 - 1050 rpm
Tapping capacity: M2 – M27 (M30 aluminium)
Torque: 150 Nm
Speed (revolutions per minute): Continuous 0 – 100 %

Eccentric Press Machine LENP 25A

Basic machine parameters:

Forming force: 25t Ram stroke Z: 8-80mm
A-pilot hole: 190mm Number of strokes/min: 71/140
B-shank hole: 220mm

Eccentric Press Machine LENP 40A

Basic machine parameters:

Forming force: 40t Ram stroke Z: 16-90 mm
Table dimensions: 660x530 mm Number of strokes/min 70/140 

Conventional machine tools



ISO 9001-2015 CZ

   ISO 9001-2015 EN

   ISO 9001-2015 GER


Phone: +420 774 060 507
Email: info@diometalpro.cz
Establishment: Nádražní 626
342 01 Sušice
Seat: Londýnská 730/59
120 00 Praha 2
CIN: 02558785
VATIN: CZ02558785


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